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Welcome to
Footprints Nature Club

The "Footprints Nature Club" is a natural sports club specialized in guiding all kinds of outdoor sports and adventures to those who like it and to those who have not yet experienced it.

In order to deliver the best value possible to our members, we have done our best to hold relevant training certificates from international organizations and clubs, to support our 19+ years of experience in nature sports and events...

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to become the best group guided tour operator in the country.

We assure to do so while enjoying nature, having fun and meeting great people.

As we believe that hiking is a mean of getting closer to nature and the perfect way to escape from the work’s stress and the city’s pollution, we made it our main activity within the club. We organize weekly hiking trips to different places in the gorgeous nature of Lebanon.
But as outdoor sports lovers, we have the required trainings and certificates to be the instructors of other outdoor sports such as:

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Rafting & Kayaking
  • Caving
  • Snowshoeing
  • Camping
  • Wet Hiking
  • Night Hiking
  • Via Ferrata
How to prepare
  • 01

    Enlist a friend to hike with you

    someone who likes hiking and is good company is a good choice.

  • 02

    Choose where to hike

    Consider the following when choosing: natural views and landscape, accessibility, the availability of marked hiking trails, the length of the hike based on your personal experience and ability.

  • 03

    Pack plenty of water

    Even if you plan to hike for just a couple of hours, you do not want to run the risk of becoming dehydrated. Plan 1 L per person per hour of hiking.

Upcoming Events

Trip 334: Camping & Cherries Picking in Akoura with Optional Night Caving, Rappel, & Mountain Climbing

The last trip before Ramadan will be very special since we will enjoy camping and cherries picking in the fields of Akoura, with night Caving in Rouiss Cave and Rappel & Mountain Climbing in Afqa...

Trip 335: Sunset Hiking in Niha

An amazing experience, especially when fasting, will surely be hiking during the sunset to enjoy the amazing views in Niha Village in Shouf...

Trip 336: Sunset & Moonlight Hike in Shouf Biosphere Reserve

In Ramadan, why don't we enjoy walking at sunset and be back under the Full Moon light that will be on Saturday... So let this hike be in a very special place: Shouf Biosphere Reserve...

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Climbing to the Highest Peak in Africa: Kilimanjaro - Tanzania

Climbing to the Highest Peak in Africa: Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Join this very special event that will take us to one of the best hiking and safari places in the world, while reaching the highest peak in Africa.